Chopin at the Pyramids

Giza, Egypt

Polish embassies around the world are celebrating 200 years of the composer Chopin. In Egypt, they brought some fantastic musicians and dancers to the Pyramids. They started with classical arrangements of Chopin as he himself would have imagined them.

Then there was an amazing jazz pianist, Leszek Możdżer, playing his “Chopin Impressions.” He did some really unusual, fantastic things playing with the inside of the grand piano as he played. He dampened some strings with what looked like a big towel. He attached bells to others, and more.

Finally, a group called Rock Loves Chopin performed rock interpretations of Chopin, accompanied by a modern dance troupe. I really enjoyed the latter, but the friends I went with thought it was awful, and walked out, so I had to follow if I wanted a ride home….

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