Turnover, All Over Again

Cairo, Egypt

One of the downsides – and upsides! – of my itinerant lifestyle is the people who waltz in and out of that life at regular intervals. You get to know all kinds of interesting people that way … but they tend not to stick around for very long. But that’s the trade-off you get for the expat life.

Today I say “see ya!” to Sylvia, who’s moving down the street, and “au revoir!” to Pip, who is off to Europe for three weeks before coming back to Cairo for a final 2 months at her NGO. They’ve been great roommates, a fabulous rebound from my first Cairo roommate. I’m going to miss them.

At the same time, I’m saying “Willkommen” to Amir, and “Bienvenue” to Sana’a. He’s German, doing an internship with an NGO in Cairo. She’s French, with Moroccan parents, studying abroad in Cairo for the year. Now I, too, am gonna have my mini-UN!

One comment

  1. It's always good to have a Mini-UN. Mine is pretty awesome, so I imagine yours will be too!

    I will say, though, that being back in the US and moving back to a place where I already have friends is really kind of nice. It's exhausting to be changing friends like that all the time!


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