Messing About In Boats

Mersa Matrouh, Egypt

There’s nothing more worth doing than messing about in boats!
– Ratty to Mole in The Wind In The Willows

After too much sun and not enough sunscreen on the beautiful white beach in Mersa Matrouh today, the whole ALI/CASA group went down the street to climb onto a pair of boats and see the city from the water.

From Beach Weekend

The bay was beautiful, the water as blue and clear as could be. Out near the line of rocks that protects the bay from the bigger waves of the Mediterranean, we stopped for some swimming and a backflip contest among the military men in the group.

From Beach Weekend

They made great eye candy!

I only wish we’d had an opportunity to sail on some faluka. Just as much as swimming, I love sailing, and it’s a treat I haven’t been able to indulge in for a very long time!

From Beach Weekend

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