Like Good Ole PA!

Cairo, Egypt

I remember this weather. I grew up with this weather: 98°F and 98% humidity! I hated this weather, I never got used to it, and I got away from it as quickly as possible!

Yes, Jordan can be very hot. Not as hot as Egypt, usually, but as hot as it’s been this week. But Jordan has almost no humidity. My excessive sweating just disappears. Not so in Cairo!

I mentioned this at orientation today, and Prof. Iman said, “When I was growing up in Cairo, it was never humid like this!” While I appreciate what she was trying to do, it didn’t exactly make me feel better. It’s bloody humid here now!

New Classmates
On the other hand, I’ve met the other CASA Fellows (most of them, anyway) and they seem like a very nice group. I’m looking forward to the program, even if I’m less than enthusiastic about the weather! We’ve got a great program of trips and events taking shape, and a great group of people to share them with. I only wish that our tour guides on our trips would be English speakers, especially since we’re all signing a language pledge to speak only Arabic while here….

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