Good Roommate Karma

Cairo, Egypt

I was met at baggage claim by someone from the program, and handed over to a driver sent by AUC to take me to my apartment. Naturally, he wanted to know about my apartment and my roommate, but I couldn’t tell him anything, except that we’d met on the Internet and I’d seen a picture of the room, and we’d agreed that if it didn’t work out, I’d help her find a new roommate. The driver was appalled.

I couldn’t quite convey to him in Arabic what I’ve been telling everyone for weeks: People have moved into my apartment in Amman knowing less. Poor Kitty came in completely blind, as did Melanie. And almost every roommate has said they felt lucky to have landed where they did. I figured I had some good roommate karma coming my way, so I took a chance on a complete stranger, just as Kitty, Melanie and Owen all took a chance on me.

I wasn’t disappointed. It’s not the spacious abode I’ve become accustomed to in Amman, but it’s a cute little place, clean and tidy, with all the necessary amenities in good working order. I can’t complain, even if a little air conditioning would be nice sometimes….

From Moving to Egypt

The apartment is right in the downtown, just 4 blocks from the university campus where I’ll be having my classes. This was a high priority for me, as I remember that taxi drivers were what I hated most about my visit to Egypt a year ago, and I want to be able to walk to class.

Quote of the Day
“I have always depended on the kindness of strangers.”

-Blanche DuBois
Streetcar Named Desire
by Tennessee Williams

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