Done, Not Forgotten

Amman, Jordan

This is it. Officially resigned from Bell Amman, beginning to pack for my move to Jordan, already starting the rounds of farewell dinners, brunches, drinks and a party. Only 2 more days to enjoy Jordan before being dropped in the melee of Cairo!

I’m pretty certain that I’ll be back. I’ve got the whole month of August off from the CASA program, and I expect I’ll grab the opportunity to teach for part of Bell Amman’s Young Learner Program. I wrote the course for the IB / IGCSE Program, fully expecting to teach it and very excited about the idea. Every time it was put off again was a huge disappointment. Now, though, it turns out I might be able to teach a part of it after all. (Also, the money isn’t bad!)

Nevertheless, it’s odd to think that I’m leaving after all this time! I’m really gonna miss this country and my friends here!

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