Wedding Crasher

(just kidding, Andy!)

Amman, Jordan

Ever since we reconnected last summer, the day before he converted to Islam and signed his marriage contract with Noureen, Andy had been telling me that I was invited to his wedding in December. I waited and waited, and yet no invitation was forthcoming. Finally, I decided I’d just ask Nadia when and where the wedding was, and crash it!

Turns out, Nadia was exactly the right person to ask, since Andy actually spent the night before the wedding at the house she shares with so-much-more-than-an-LCF Ahmed.

From Andy & Noureen's Wedding

I got to be there for the whole thing, from one last trip to the barber’s for hair gel…

From Andy & Noureen's Wedding

…to a long wait at Muad and Ali’s place while the car was at the florist and Andy fulfilled a 21st Century obligation: changing his Facebook status…

From Andy & Noureen's Wedding

…to our own little faarida of 2 cars to pick up the bride…

From Andy & Noureen's Wedding

…to their grand entrance at the Palmyra Hotel where Noureen works, and where Andy met her during his Operation Smile Iraq missions as a Peace Corps Volunteer…

From Andy & Noureen's Wedding

…to all the fun of their fabulous reception.

From Andy & Noureen's Wedding

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