Christmas Foods, Old and New

Amman, Jordan

Christmas, for obvious reasons, isn’t a real big deal here. I was thinking of going to Israel to experience it there, but this was also Martha’s last week in Jordan, so I stayed home, and Martha and I did Christmas in style, starting with a morning at the Turkish Bath. While she was scrubbing me down, one attendant asked me why I wasn’t out celebrating Christmas. “This is me celebrating!”

Then there was Christmas Day dinner with colleagues from work.

From Christmas and New Years

But, for my family, it’s not Christmas without waffles with strawberries and whipped cream. The morning after Christmas, I got Eshrak and Zoe (visiting from Alexandria, Egypt) to go out to breakfast with me, and convinced the waiter to tweak the menu a bit to make it a real Converse Christmas!

From Christmas and New Years

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