Circling Starr Ridge

Our temporary accommodations abut the Tucson Mountain Park, and while it is fast approaching the time of year when hiking is rendered unfeasible for the dilettante like me by the heat, it is still possible to get out early in the morning and take a nice little hike around the mountains.

We had a little company along the first bit of the trail.

The moon was especially prominent in the clear blue sky, though it isn’t necessarily all that apparent in my photographs.

And of course I got distracted by flowers, and budding leaves and fruits.

These neon-green lichen caught my eye, as well.

We had gone on this particular trail in part because our hostess wanted to show us the old car and the last bits of a foundation up behind one ridge. There must be a story there, but apparently the internet knows nothing about it … we speculated perhaps a flash flood buried the vehicle, but I’m more interested perhaps in why someone was living up there.

All in all, a very satisfying morning on the trail!

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