Cranford Kayaking Revisited

Same river, different friend

Ever since we kayaked the Rahway with our one friend, we’ve been saying we should go back with our other kayak friend.

Today was that day. And this time I felt confident enough in my kayaking skills to bring the camera. It was harder than I expected, though, to stop the kayak when I saw something I wanted to photograph, and then hold that position while I pulled out the camera, turned it on, focused it….

In particular, I struggled to capture the serene romanticism of the long lawns running down to the water on both sides, the majesty of the old trees shading those lawns and the river as well, the families enjoying late summer cookouts and marshmallow roasts at the riverside….

And the only fall foliage I managed to catch was from the bridge over the Rahway River beside the Cranford Canoe Club after the paddle was over.

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