New York Foliage

Hoping to capitalize on the short window of good fall color, we decided to head farther north than our usual, into New York and up to “The Gunks,” the Shawangunk Mountains, from the original Munsee Lenape name meaning “in the smoky air.” The air was clear, though, while the sky was overcast, and the farther we went up the highway, the more color we began to see on the hills. It was a good day for it.

First, we headed for an undisclosed location — well, at least, it doesn’t have an address yet — where my brother recently bought a piece of undeveloped woods. Big trees, minimal understory, edged by dark stone walls. Ferns everywhere.

It’s a beautiful piece of land, and he’s tickled pink to have it!

Sam’s Point

Of course, visiting my brother’s new place was also an excellent excuse to find some nice fall foliage and go for a walk. We headed up to the highest part of the Gunks and Sam’s Point Preserve, arriving with just enough time to hustle up to the overlook, grabbing some brilliant foliage photos along the way, and observe the full sweep of the regions foliage from on high.


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