Eid Sa’eed: Feast Tales

eid saeed
Eid sa’eed to all my Muslim friends ending their fasting

(The traditional greeting is Eid mubarak,
but my Egyptian friend says he’s had enough Mubarak for a lifetime….)

Yesterday across the world, Muslims celebrated Eid al-Fitr – the Feast of Breaking Fast at the end of the holy month of Ramadan. I’ve celebrated a few Eid al-Fitr over the years. Here’s a few of my reflections on those times:

Eid Sa’eed!: a very brief explanation of how the date of Eid is determined

In The Village

From Sheep To 2nd Breakfast by 10:30am: In which I take my American roommate with me, back to the community where I was a Peace Corps Volunteer, to show her how the holiday is celebrated in rural Jordan.

In Damascus

Damascus or Bust! in which my roommate and I take the 5-day weekend that Eid creates to visit Damascus.

Pilgrims and Passion Plays: in which, on Eid weekend, we visit the great mosque of Damascus, where pilgrims are visiting from across the Middle East.

Carter’s Revenge: In which Montezuma-of-the-East gets his revenge, as Carter had warned me would happen if I went to Damascus. (The food is delicious, but don’t drink the water!)


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