on the BLYNKT podcast

When Issue 2: Individual/Society of BLYNKT came out, it was announced by a podcast in which editors Carly and Q talk about some highlights of the issue. They talked about my piece, “Say Praise God,” a lot … more than any other piece in that issue.

Not long after, I got an email from Carly. She wondered if I would be willing to record a podcast with them. No one had ever asked me for such a thing, and I was a little taken aback, but my partner is an enthusiastic podcast listener (he likes to listen to irreverent podcasts like The Dollop about the history of American racism while he’s cooking us dinner, and has listened several times through all 24 hours of Dan Carlin’s World War I series Hardcore History: Blueprint for Armageddon) and he urged me to do it. Plus, Marketplace’s Molly Wood says it’s the right time

“to make this move just at the moment that you could argue podcasts are crossing over into the mainstream in terms of awareness.”

So I told Carly that I would do it. And it was really fun.

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