Prodigal Magnolia

New York, NY, USA

From Finding Magnolia

I’m delighted to have my friend Magnolia back in New York, even for a brief visit. We are, as Anne Shirley would say, “kindred spirits.” Between our Unitarian Universalist roots, and our crazy travel histories, we have such similar stories that we understand the parts of each other’s lives that are hardest for some of our other friends to really empathize with in the same way.

Not everyone wants to hear the details when you come back from Somewhere. I’ve been fortunate to have a lot of friends and family who are not only willing but eager to hear all my long, sometimes rambling, often mundane stories about living abroad. What is much harder for many of my friends and family to understand is the emotional underpinnings of this addiction to multiculturalism. Maggie gets that, too.

While I was looking for Maggie, I took a nice stroll through Central Park. I’ve started using the step counter on my phone again with the hope of walking 5 miles per day (my average is 3.5 at this time). I also got some nice photos of the new set of flowers in bloom this week.

From Finding Magnolia

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