Class, an aside: In Church

I didn’t at first think to post here about a recent article I wrote because it seemed like a small shard of a life I’ve been away from for a couple years now: the life of a church fundraiser. It created some buzz on the UU World Facebook page, and I was glad it got people both talking and, perhaps more importantly, testifying to their own moments of alienation in congregation for reasons related to class. As much as churches are struggling these days to keep their accounts in the red, too often Unitarian Universalists are afraid to talk about money. After all, the American Unitarian movement (as opposed to the Universalist) was born in New England, and my Boston-born mother always taught me it was divisive and impolite to talk about money!

Over the last two weeks, I’ve had a steady trickle of conversations about my article and the ways Unitarian Universalists do or don’t address financial and class diversity within our congregations and communities. Then yesterday, I was introduced to the UU Class Conversations, and started reading UUs’ personal stories of class. It reminded me that I’ve been telling my own class story here on this blog.

So, should you be interested in a few examples of where class and religion have intersected in my personal and professional life, I invite you to slip over to the UU World for “Towards a more inclusive stewardship.”

When we say everyone must pledge to be a member, some low-income people in the pews may be hearing that they aren’t welcome.

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