Waterford Park
somewhere on the Baltimore-Annapolis Pike

From Waterford & Annapolis

As I was dutifully following my GPS onto I295 out of Baltimore, the first faded exit sign said ‘Annapolis Road.’ I had 2 hrs to get to my lunch date in Annapolis (a 45 min trip by Interstate), and I thought, ‘I bet that goes to Annapolis, and I bet it’s a lot prettier,’ and I swerved onto the offramp.

I was right, and it was a much prettier ride. In another life, I want to go to Glen Burnie High School and teach at Anne Arundel Community College.

Along the way, I stumbled upon a little reservoir with a nature trail that was the Eagle Scout project of one (or most likely several) local Boy Scouts over the years. There were little footbridges, designated fishing areas, blazes for several different trails, and lots of new leaves and wildlife. I even nearly stepped on this guy, who graciously posed for a photo shoot anyway:

I wandered around for almost an hour, fussing with the macro functions on my camera, coaxing waterfowl into just the right angle, and marveling at the beauty in even the nasty little poison ivy plant.

It was a lovely interlude into nature, a great improvement on the interstate highway system, and a great opportunity to indulge my little fantasy that I’m an accomplished photographer, not just a hobby snapper.

Best of all, it ended in Annapolis harbor for lunch with a great old friend, who will be bringing me back to Baltimore later this year to attend her Christmas nuptials!

From Waterford & Annapolis

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