I’m Thankful for Wonderful Friends

Who Are Also First-Rate Cooks!

Cairo, Egypt

I’ve just come back from the most Thanksgiving-est Thanksgiving I can remember having abroad. (Though it probably only beats out Thanksgiving with Karla in Switzerland because there were so many people!) There were more than 20 CASA Fellows and friends gathered at Sarah, Erin and Rachel’s beautiful, spacious apartment, where we usually have weekly potluck. That’s more than half of everyone I’m friends with in Cairo. It’s not family, but it’s damned close! (Actually, where the potluck crew is concerned, I see them so much that they might as well be family!) The food was also amazing, but it was especially thanks to the excellent company.

I was sorry to have to leave for the computer class I’ve recently volunteered to teach at a local NGO helping at-risk Sudanese refugee youth. I enjoy the teaching, but I was sorry to be missing out on most of the party.

In the end, though, I only missed out on half the party! Because after I’d taught for two hours, Thanksgiving was still going strong, and I went back over to the Dokki apartment for a few more hours! We played a rousing game of Mafia, while continuing to munch away at the goodies laid out for potluck. Before we knew it, it was approaching 11:00 and time to start helping the girls clean up. By the time I got home, it was past midnight, my roommates were asleep, and I couldn’t Skype home without waking them! Guess I’ll have to do that the day after!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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