Where It’s Green and Moist

Portland, Maine, USA

The worst part of traveling alone is not being able to nap on an 8-hour layover. I watched a few hours of Rome (thank you, Lowen, it is very good!), had a cup of coffee, and still had hours to go. Fortunately, luggage carts are free in airports everywhere but America, and I could put my bags on a cart and walk. And that’s what I did. From one end of the terminal to the other. For hours.

Other than that, it was a beautiful trip!

And when I got through immigration and customs in Boston, there were Mom and Dad, waiting to deliver me to Maine! It’s so nice to be home, were it’s green, and a little humid, and it’s just … home! And then we went out to dinner at Sebago’s Brewery in Portland (yum!) with Ben, and it was so great to sit around and talk about sailing and family and crazy things Republicans do….

I also got to see Ben’s new studio apartment when we went to hang curtains there, and, oh, I am so glad to be home!


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