Farewell Tour of Jordan

King’s Highway, Jordan
(Madaba, Macchareus, Mujib, Kerak, Wadi Musa)

From an Ammani evening

As we walked around the Castle Hill in Amman last night, it occurred to me that several of my favorite pictures from Jordan were taken on that hill. This morning, as we were winding our way through southern Madaba and Jabal Bani Hamida, I realized that while I was showing Wade all my favorite places in Jordan, I’m also saying goodbye.

From Farewell Tour

I’m excited about my move to Cairo for a CASA Fellowship. It’s a great honor and a fabulous opportunity to immerse myself in Standard Arabic (as much as that’s even possible) and learn the Egyptian dialect that I find so challenging. But there are so many things I love about Jordan, so many things I haven’t seen (Umm aj-Jammal, Shaumari Reserve, etc.), so many things I haven’t done (Petra-Wadi Araba by camel, climb Jabal Rum and the tallest mountain in Jordan, etc.), so many friends I’m going to miss. I’ve spent 4 years of my life here, and that’s no small thing. So if my photos are captioned with nostalgia, well, it’s a fair representation of how I’m feeling these days.

From Farewell Tour

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