Thistle-stop Tour of Jerash

Jerash, Jordan

From Thistle-stop Tour

I’ve been to Jerash many times, and every time it’s somehow different. Wesley saw Jerash from the top, Mom and Dad photographed it from the bottom up, Auntie Viv photographed it 10 times to Sunday…. This time, it was theaters and thistles.

From Thistle-stop Tour

Wade loves theaters. She studied theater management when we were at Goucher College together, and now she’s doing a PhD in history, so historical theaters are a dream come true for her. Jerash has two still standing (three if you count the steps of the Temple of Artemis where concerts were sometimes held during the Jerash Festival), so it was the perfect place to take her.

From Thistle-stop Tour

As for me, I’ve been to Jerash many times, and am pretty familiar with the big attractions. It gives me more freedom to appreciate the details, like the flowers. We only get about 6 weeks of flowers in northern Jordan, so they have to be appreciated while they’re out. In fact, it’s because of the lack of color in Jordan for most of the year that I particularly love thistles. After everything else has faded to brown, the flowers of the thistle will still be a bright, cheerful purple.

From Thistle-stop Tour

I stalked a lot of lizards and geckos on this visit, too.


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