Here we go again….

Alexandria, Virginia, USA

From My White Wintery Hell

Stuck indoors for yet another day.

Today it’s not so much the snow accumulation, which is only a couple inches here, but the wind. Half the Metro is shut down again, and Georgetown University is closed, which means my Arabic exam is cancelled again.

Karla still thinks she’s going to make it in tomorrow morning to see me, but I’m skeptical that many flights will even be coming in and out on Thursday night when it’s my turn to fly away. As of now, however, Air France claims that the flight is still on and is refusing to let me change my return date.

It’s all “wait and see” at this point, and “hope I’m not still here to ruin Valentine’s Day for my hosts”!

From My White Wintery Hell


  1. Hi Maryah! I am glad to catch up a bit on your news. Part of the thrill of expat living is catching up with friends stateside, which you have done a good job at! Hope it will keep you going while the grind of job-finding continues.

    (giggled about the tiny coins. Dimes can't be worth anything, can they?)


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