Catching Up With Kitty

Washington, DC, USA

I’m terrible at keeping in touch. I’m not sure I’ve communicated with Kitty since she got back from Yemen in August. Fortunately, my friends are forgiving, and willing to go out to dinner with me when I’m in town.

It was really great to see Kitty. I caught her up on what everyone is doing back in Jordan. She says hello to all our mutual friends from Tareef Cycling Club, Ryan and Heba, and Philip, wherever he is these days. She told me a little about Yemen, which she seemed to really enjoy.

She also had great things to say about her graduate program at JHU SAIS. I took a moment to pass on my latest advice for grad school (considering how much I wish I’d done so myself when I had the chance): “Do as many internships as you can manage, while you’ve got student loans covering your expenses!” It turns out that she started a completely unexpected internship at ABC TV just today.

In fact, we had so much fun catching up that we stayed at Nando’s Peri Peri (delicious food! I recommend it!) until we were almost the only people left, and I almost missed the last bus from the Metro back to Bob’s house in Alexandria. By the time I did get home, everyone else was already in bed.

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