Never Tell a Western Woman….

The Teletubby and Col. Ibrahim

Amman, Jordan

Earlier this week at Bell Amman, we had a new group picture taken for the Website. The photographer decided it would be interesting to line us up at the top of the stairs between the two levels of the center, but to fit us all in the shot, he had to use a wide-angle lens. Now, I haven’t seen the picture, but I have a pretty good idea of how it looks, thanks to Saleh. He’s the consultant business manager, and he walked into the Teachers Room to get a drink of water, saw me at my desk and asked, “Have you seen yourself in that group picture? You look like a Teletubby!”

“Saleh!” we exclaimed. “Never tell a woman that!”

“No, no! I didn’t mean it that way! I just meant that the picture distorts….” We continued to pick on him for it, and the poor man kept coming back into the Teachers Room to apologize over and over.

That was yesterday. Today, Col. Ibrahim needed to see my residence permit to check the expiration date, and as we were going down the hallway to get it, he says from behind me, “Maryah! You got fat! Why did you do that?”

You’ve gotta love the Arabs for the their bluntness, I guess. At least you never have to wonder what they really think….

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