Look Up!

York, Pennsylvania, USA

I was reminded today of the beautiful work of Gregg Doll as we walked around York’s Central Market. It wasn’t as busy as usual, and my photos are nothing like Gregg’s professional job, but I had fun playing with my camera.

From Back to Penna.

I was also reminded of Mrs. Trevaskis and the best advice I’ve ever heard about appreciating York, Penn. “When you’re in York,” said Mrs. T, “you have to remember to look up.” There’s some beautiful architecture in York, but very little of it is at street level!

From Back to Penna.

I was also reminded of my 10th grade chemistry lab partner, Jim Stephenson, and his mother, who painted one of the many lovely murals around York. We didn’t see her, but this one tells of the Constitutional Convention that met here after the British conquered Philadelphia during the American Revolution:

From Back to Penna.

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