Tied the Knot Their Way

Lincoln, New Hampshire, USA

There were so many reasons to be glad to see Dom and Marie get married. To start with, she supported him when he was trying to open a business with a friend, and in my family, we love entrepreneurs (since both my parents are). And they are both such nice people to spend time with. At the cookout his brothers-in-law hosted after the rehearsal dinner, Dom took time to sit and talk with everyone who came, and in such a way that it felt totally natural, not at all hurried. So I’m delighted to say that they had a beautiful wedding, starting with a stunning location at Indian Head in Lincoln, New Hampshire:

From Dom's Wedding

And I just adore this image of my cousin Dom, watching his bride come down the aisle:

From Dom's Wedding

Dom’s Aunt Mary, aka “the JP” (Justice of the Peace), presided over the ceremony, which was brief and to the point, but poignant.

From Dom's Wedding

As part of their ceremony, they assembled a time capsule, which contained pictures of the two of them at their happiness, and love letters detailing why they had chosen to marry each other, to help them through inevitable rough patches in their relationship.

From Dom's Wedding

It was a beautiful, personal wedding, and a fun reception.

From Dom's Wedding

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