Out With Megan One More Time

Cairo, Egypt
This was one of the things I was really looking forward to about going to Egypt … seeing the town with Megan and her friends! We started out with a rooftop drink downtown. The girl with the very short hair is Lisa, who will be doing research in Amman this summer. She told us some fascinating stories about how she is repeatedly mistaken for a boy (7abiibi) in Arab culture, and the kind of trouble this gets her into. When she tries to explain that she’s a girl, she’s met with disbelief or worse; sometimes she tries to play the part of 7abiibi, but if she ever slips out of character, that’s much worse. Interestingly, although in Israel/Palestine she also gets scripted as a Palestinian boy by Israeli military, there she says that she can “have fun with it.” Through the whole story, I kept thinking, Dr. Scalenghe should hear this!

Then Megan and I took the other girls home and put them to bed (their loss!), picked up Galaal, and went out dancing! I should go dancing more often, it’s fun and great exercise, but it’s all about the right people to go with….

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