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Wadi Al-Ghwayr Revisited

From Top Down

Shobak –> Wadi Araba

This was an awesome trip down Wadi Araba. It was almost like three different wadis. At the top, we saw these awesome enormous boulders littering the ravine floor, and you can hardly imagine what force the water must rush down the valley with to make these boulders do these things!

From Top Down

Then, a little further down, you had a siq like you find at the ceremonial entrance to Petra, but with incredible tracings of dark stone like some sort of splatter painting you’d do as a child. It was easy to see why men began to paint on cave walls, with these kinds of stone faces around them!

From Top Down

Then, it seemed like we were stepping beneath the water table, as you could see first water, then algae, then actual plants oozing out of the bare rock face.

From Top Down

I wish I had brought my own camera, because as beautiful as these pictures from my friends are, I wasn’t able to capture some of the fascinating things we saw.
Then, as we got down to the parts of the wadi I’d hiked before, we saw yet another landscape of rock and scree, goats and camels.

From Top Down

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