Downsides of an SLR

or, If I Only Had a Digital Camera!

From Philip Goes North

Amman, Jordan

I’ve been teased a lot in the last few years for still having one of those old-fashioned film cameras, and for most of that time, I’ve been able to counter that it takes better pictures than some cheap digital camera. That claim’s getting harder to make, especially in Jordan. I don’t know if it’s the way the vendors take care of the film before I purchase it, or the heat I subject it to after I’ve purchased it and taken pictures, or the quality of the developing, but it seems that all the photos I’ve taken in Jordan this time around have been grainy and poor quality. They tend to be washed out, too, even with my UV-protected and polarized lenses. I think this is probably because I can’t find a place to purchase 400-speed film in Jordan. Every shopkeeper I try to ask says, “The sun is so bright in Jordan, you don’t need 400-speed film!” But I think using 200-speed is over-exposing my film. (Not to mention that sometimes I want to take indoor pictures of kids whizzing around, or people dancing, for example.)

The other problem with film cameras is the time it takes to finish a roll of film and develop it. I just developed seven rolls of film this week, the best of which I’ve uploaded to Picasa. These photos go back months, all the way to our first trip with Tareef Cycling Club: Biking in Wadi Musa and Hiking in Wadi al-Ghwayr. Most of the other pictures are more recent, from the trek down the King’s Highway with Philip, John and Ann, from my trip with Philip to Umm Qais and Jerash, and from the day that Ryan, John and I rented a car to go to Ajlun, Pella and Umm Qais. There are still a few more pictures left in my camera, and I’m waiting to get the pictures I took with Philip and Ryan’s cameras!

From Ryan's Rental

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