Sam, private student through Fluent City, 2018

As the son of Lebanese parents, I was searching for an Arabic teacher who could help me move from heritage listener to heritage speaker. After several failed attempts of finding a teacher with the right mix of grammatical knowledge and understanding of the Beiruti dialect, I was connected to Maryah. After over 20 hours of private lessons later, I feel I have a much better command of reading and writing formal fuSHa Arabic and am more comfortable speaking than I have ever been before. Having grown up listening to Arabic, I needed a teacher who could teach me the basics while still building on the foundation I already have. Maryah has done just that.

She’s developed a teaching style that’s unique to my situation.

I finally understand the grammar behind the phrases and conjugations I was comfortable using, while learning new conjugations, vocabulary, and sentence structures and how to put them all together in a written paragraph or spoken conversation.

She is an effective teacher and I highly recommend her.