Back to Mill Creek Marsh

We’re getting to the time of year when walking after work means low sunset light, but when your partner gets off work early and wants to get you out of the house and bought you a new camera he wants you to play with…. Who says ‘no’ to that?

So we went back to walk in Mill Creek Marsh in Secaucus.

Tonight’s stunning Tatooine-like sunset, of course, was made possible only by the tragedy of southern California’s wildfires, driving woodsmoke three thousand miles through the upper atmosphere over New Jersey.

Did you see the ducks? How about the heron?

The marsh was also beautiful, with the cool of September creeping into the air for the first time. And the new camera turns out to be excellent at capturing both color and macro close-ups.

I got particularly caught up in close-ups of these common evening primrose.

And the sumac was also particularly colorful, from its bunches of berries to the leaves already beginning to change color.

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