“Beyond Time, Talent and Treasure”

A couple months ago, I wrote about church stewardship in a guest post for the UU World Magazine online.

When UU World asked me if there were “something on my heart” that I would like to put into words for a guest blog post, I sat up straight and said, Yes! The response of my faith community to Towards a More Inclusive Stewardship” has been gratifying and redemptive, but with an undertone of frustration.

In addition to the response on social media, I was approached by a movement in my faith that I didn’t know existed, but that seems critical to our success moving forward: Unitarian Universalist Class Conversations. They asked me to write a follow-up to the UU World article, and I had a lot to say!

Read the whole follow-up post over at the UU Class Conversations blog.

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