No Swimming at the Beach!

Arverne by the Sea, Queens, NYC, NY

From No Swimming at the Beach!

When Hannah proposed a day at the beach for Memorial Day, I jumped at the chance. I love the water, the sun, the waves…. We took the A Train out to the Rockaways to our usual beach spot in Arverne.

This is our third summer going to this same spot on the beach: the summer before Hurricane Sandy, and now two summers since. It gets busier and busier each time we go, first with surfers and now with sunbathers, too. Next time probably we’ll head farther up the island.

It’s also the first time we’ve been yelled at for going in the water. The reason I love the Rockaways is because they have real waves for jumping and body-surfing and just general interest. I wasn’t intending to really swim today, just get wet and jump some waves for a bit. No sooner were we hip-deep than the park police started blowing her whistle. “There’s no swimming here,” she says. “There’s no lifeguard.”

“What about the surfers?” They go out farther, and closer to the rocky jetties, with surfboards heavy enough to do some real damage in a collison with someone’s head.

“That’s different. There’s no swimming.”

One more reason to go farther up the beach next time!

From No Swimming at the Beach!

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