New York, NY, USA

From Snowhattan!

While everyone else is complaining, I’m really loving the cold, snow and general winteriness of New York City this year. Sure, there was the day I fell twice within a block of my house on invisible ice, and the day that there were Great Lake-sized slush puddles on every other street corner in Manhattan. There was the day I thought my face would be sliced into ribbons by the sharp sleet on the whipping wind.

But I love it, and I’m completely unrepentant. Take, for example, the day that Maria Hernandez Park glowed golden on my evening commute home:

Or the day the city sparkled above the Jackie Onassis Reservoir in the icy wind of sunset:

And the day the All Souls Memorial Garden turned into a fairy grotto in the heavy snowflakes:

This day, too, of snow and fog in Central Park, was ethereal and beautiful:

From Snowhattan!

My glee hasn’t diminished yet for the snow, but my coworkers have told me I’m no longer allowed to wear my snowflake earrings, because they’re too effective at invoking further snow!

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