Joy for the World

Unitarian Church of All Souls
Manhattan, NY, USA

From The Hub: Joy

At the behest and by the hard work of the young adults, All Souls has launched a new worship series, the Hub. Held one Sunday evening a month, it is a more intimate, candlelit service for all ages, with several short homilies instead of one long sermon. The music comes from the newer teal hymnal, with accompaniment by piano, guitar and audience percussion.

While All Souls is known as a more “traditional” or “Protestant-style” Unitarian church, the Hub incorporates what I grew up thinking of as quintessentially Unitarian Universalist “traditions,” such as a chalice lighting with a reading, and candles of joy and concern. This service is also primarily lay-led, an important part of Unitarian Universalist tradition for me. I’m excited to have this additional diversity in the worship opportunities at All Souls!

From The Hub: Joy

Each service has a theme, and this month’s theme was “Joy.”

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