Massachusetts, USA

I got to see the newest addition to our family at the NIC-U a couple weeks ago, but Grammie hadn’t seen her newest great-grandson yet. So my sister and I–she’s visiting from Colorado–offered to drive Grammie and Grandpa down to Massachusetts to meet him. First we stopped by at my cousin’s house to see the elder great-grandson, S.

It’s very important to S that no one wear shoes in his house, especially on his living room carpet, and sometimes he takes matters into his own hands. His Great-Grandpa, who never takes off his shoes, was simply charmed!

It was really fun to hang out with my sister, who hadn’t seen my cousin in a few years, and just sit around the kitchen table, catching up.

We did go and see the new baby after awhile. His Great-Grammie got to hold him, but by the time I saw him he was rolled over against the wall having his dinner.

After the hospital, there was a real treat waiting for us back at my cousin’s house. Her in-laws had sent homemade Christmas Stollen from Dresden, a traditional fruitcake-like bread that’s just delicious! Happy Holidays!

From Massachusetts

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