Marina and the Diamonds

Manhattan, New York, USA

From Marina and the Diamonds

When my cousin Peter said last week that he was coming to New York for a concert and could he spend the night at my place, I said, “Of course!” It wasn’t until he called as he was leaving Boston this morning that he said, “I told you I have an extra ticket for you, right?” No, but at least I had time for my beauty regime before he arrived. Good thing, too, because Weber Hall was packed with the uber-fashion conscious.

The opening act, Ms Mr, was hard to hear, but pretty good. Very similar to Florence and the Machine, we decided.

I think I’d heard the name Marina and the Diamonds before, but I don’t think I’d heard her music until tonight. She’s been opening for Coldplay all over Europe, where the Welsh singer is much more widely known, but she was popular enough here in the States that she needed to schedule a second show in New York after the first one sold out. And the lady sure knows how to put on a show!

From Marina and the Diamonds

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