Independence Day

Bridgton, Maine, USA

It’s been a long time since I had a traditional American Independence Day celebration. I was in the U.S. this time last year, but I didn’t really celebrate, because I didn’t yet have the friends in New York I now have to celebrate with. This year, in contrast, I had to choose between celebrating with my friends in New York, a friend with a front row balcony to the fireworks in Boston, or my family in Maine.

Family in Maine was an excellent choice!

Last night we joined mobs of other tourists for fireworks at the local elementary school, and contributed to some of the fundraising efforts of townies (like a band trip to Montreal). We took my cousin’s son to the parade in Bridgton, where he was an enthusiastic scavenger for candy, but the firetrucks’ loud sirens sent him cringing in his Grammie’s lap.

Then we had an awesome beachside lobster picnic, thanks to Grandpa who paid and my brother Ben with the new job slinging fish and lobsters at the docks in Portland.

I love my life of travel and adventure, but sometimes it’s true … There’s no place like home!

From July 4, 2012

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