We Don’t Go to the Beach

Manhattan & Staten Island, NY

The plan was for a friend, her sister and I to meet at All Souls and go to Brighton Beach after church. That was the plan.

From Not the Beach

But when we got to church, a group of the young adults organized a spontaneous gathering in Central Park. I’ve been going to Central Park every Sunday after church to take in some sun and revel in the grass, and in the last few weeks I’ve found myself there with ever larger groups of young adults. This Sunday, our plans notwithstanding, turned out to be no exception.

Then someone suggested getting lunch, and we were hungry. At the end of lunch, a visiting Canadian asked if anyone wanted to join him on the Staten Island Ferry. My friend and her sister thought that was a great idea, so off we went.

Our new Canadian friend Chad Pratch is a Fine Arts major (check him out at chadpratch.com), and a guy, so naturally he started building things on the beach: found object sculpture. The girls really got into it, creating ever-more-intricate sculptures from driftwood and other materials laying around. It wasn’t the beach, but it was fun.

From Not the Beach

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