Crossing Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn and Manhattan, NY, USA

From Brooklyn Bridge

An old Peace Corps friend came to visit this week, and the timing couldn’t have been better. In a happy/unhappy coincidence, I am newly unemployed this week, very glad to have a friend in town, and free all day every day to spend with her!

Today’s agenda was a walking tour of downtown Manhattan, beginning with a walk over the Brooklyn Bridge. My brother had done a similar walking tour when he was visiting in August, and it came highly recommended. And for good reason. The Brooklyn Bridge is a strikingly Old World piece of architecture in a very New World city.

Not to mention iconic. The Geiko Gecko has a great ad on the white line separating walkers from bikers. None other than Hugh Jackman jumped off the Brooklyn Bridge into another century in “Kate and Leopold.”

Once in Manhattan, we wandered around in the historic seaport district, and along the wharf. I don’t think of New York City as the home of tall ships, as I do Boston, but there they were! Not as old as Old Ironsides, I teased Arwen, but yeah, pretty old. Not long after, I had to leave her to wander the city alone, while I went back to Brooklyn for class.

From Brooklyn Bridge

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