Over the Mountains & Through the Woods

White Mountain National Forest, NH & VT

From Over the Kanc

The best part about driving alone over the Kancamagus Pass is the opportunity to stop and take pictures whenever and as often as I want. On Tuesday, I drove over the Kanc to visit my friend in Vermont, and took pictures along the eastern ascent.

Along the way, I swear I saw a Grim! Or was it the Animagus Sirius Black? Or perhaps just a very nice shaggy black dog out with his mistress at the peak of the Kancamagus Pass.

From Over the Kanc

On the way back today, I did some close-up work, and took a lot more photos in the Vermont sections of the White Mountain National Forest.

Some of the most spectacular shots were at Loon Mountain Ski Resort and on the way up the western side of the Kanc, with the sun dipping lower and lower into the sky.

The deserts of the Middle East have their own beauty, and I’ve photographed it plenty, but I really missed the snowy mountains and classic architecture of New England!

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