Kids Say….

Brooklyn, NY, USA

Today, my student K says, “Miss Converse, can I come to your wedding?”
“Who says I’m getting married?” I reply.
“Well, of course you’re getting married! We know you have a boyfriend!” she says, with that sassy slide of the head my students do so well.
“What would make you think that?” I asked, smiling inside because it’s patently not true.
“Well, you always dress so nicely!” she says.
“That’s called professional,” I reply.
“No, that’s not professional,” she insists. “You dress that way cuz you’re going on dates after school!”

So thank you, K. Now I know what’s wrong with my personal life. I don’t have a boyfriend because I dress too well. Perhaps if I dressed more like a slob, men would think I was actually single…?

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