Field in the Sky

Manhattan, New York, USA

Today I met up with CASA Fellow Andrew. He told me that since I “live in New York City now,” I should decide where we would go. I’d recently seen this video about the founding of the High Line Park in Manhattan, and posted it to Facebook. Immediately, our mutual friend Emily had said it should be one of the first things I did in NYC, so I decided on that as our excursion for the day.

Even though it rained, it was an excellent choice. A little piece of wild 3 stories up in Manhattan. It was an excellent opportunity to walk, talk about the Egyptian Revolution and Andrew’s trip to India, see some of the interesting architecture that’s 5 or 6 stories up in the city, not to mention the Hudson River and the Empire State Building. There were some vendors set up along the way. We got these excellent rhubarb sno-cones and reminisced about our childhood Snoopy sno-cone makers.

I’ll be going back again on a sunny day with my camera. Next year, I’ve decided to get there early on the morning of the 4th of July to watch the Macy’s fireworks on the Hudson from there.

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