First Rain Since Cairo

South Bridgton, Maine, USA

From First Rain Since Cairo

It doesn’t rain much in Cairo, and when it does, the result is more depressing than cleansing. Cairene rain just brings down the smog and dust in the air, swirls it around a little with the smog and dust already settled over everything, and leaves the city a streaky sort of smudgy. So just as I vowed back in April, when I saw that it had begun raining today, I went out and danced in it! Never mind the lightning, the tornado warnings…. I wanted to feel the rain on my face, my shoulders, my outstretched arms. I wanted to spin around under the raindrops and revel in the cleansing power of a good country rain. And so I did!
Then, because everything was so fresh and beautiful, especially in my mother’s extensive flower gardens, I grabbed my camera and went out to document raindrops on leaves and flower petals.

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