Woo. Rah.

Cairo, Egypt

Pro-democracy advocates had called for another day of protests today to put pressure on the caretaker government to include more opposition members in the interim government, and to set a solid timetable for a handover of power. Some are calling for protests every Tuesday and Friday until free and fair elections take place.

The government was ready. Tanks still line Kasr al-Aini Street between Tahrir Square and the Parliament. As I was walking across downtown, they had increased roadblocks around the Interior Ministry, site of some of the heaviest fighting during the revolution, to a two block radius. On Sheikh Rihan Street by the American University, exactly in the middle between the Interior Ministry, Parliament and Tahrir Square, there were half a dozen ambulances and MASH units waiting.

In fact, only a few hundred showed up on Tahrir Square for a very quiet protest. They didn’t stop or even hinder traffic, which is still being directed by military police in this very sensitive downtown spot. It was not much of a protest.

But it is a reminder of the warning people were giving the Supreme Military Council as they left Tahrir Square after Mubarak’s resignation on the 11th: Everyone knows the way back to Tahrir.

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