Make New Friends, But Keep the Old!

Baltimore, Maryland, USA

It has been such a great day today, despite this awful head cold I picked up by switching climates so drastically! First I had a great interview with the Baltimore City Teaching Residency. Then my sister picked me up for a sandwich and coffee, and we had a simply wonderful visit. It’s been over a year since I’ve seen her, and she really looks good, and sounds even better! She also took me shopping and now, with half the interviews already done, I finally have a suit jacket that doesn’t end at my elbows!

Then I went down into Baltimore to an amazing little pizza place called Joe Squared. Apparently it’s where all the cool kids hang out in Baltimore … or at least all my Goucher friends! I got to see Wade, who I haven’t seen since April in Jordan, plus a bunch of other people I haven’t seen since May in 2003 when we graduated! Shauna‘s now a published author. Dayo was home on break from her PhD program. Nicole’s working at Hopkins now.

After Elly came over to say hello, Nicole turned to me. “How is it that I come here all the time, and I’ve never seen Elly  here, but you come just once from Egypt, and there she is?”
“That’s because I invited her!” Unfortunately, I didn’t really get a chance to talk to her. I was apparently still on Egypt time when I left my sister, and arrived at Joe Squared almost 45 minutes late to my own party! By the time I had eaten something, Elly had already left. Gotta see if I can catch her for lunch while I’m on this continent….

There’s just too many people to see and too little time. I was lucky to get this many old friends in one place at one time!

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