Getting Away

Dahab, Sinai Peninsula, Egypt

From Dahab Landscapes

With the semester finally over, my hot water heater still out of service, and most of my friends back in America for the holidays … I needed desperately to get out of Cairo! I didn’t take my bathing suit. Between the cool (by Egyptian standards) weather and the recent reports of shark attacks in Sharm al-Sheikh, I didn’t suppose I’d want to swim, and I didn’t. But I did take my camera, and spent quite a bit of time photographing.

I have to say, being an enigmatic lone traveler is not for me. I know that some people are good at getting out and introducing themselves to new people and striking up conversations. I did have a few interesting conversations. A young woman I ate dinner beside the first night is studying construction economics in London. Another woman was on the lingering last leg of a world tour. But generally speaking, I find traveling alone to be more lonely than fun!

From Dahab Landscapes

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