Potluck Picnic

Cairo, Egypt

We couldn’t remember by the time we got there whose idea it had been last week, but it was a good one! If only I’d remembered to bring my camera!

There’s a beautiful park on the far side of Islamic Cairo, the least Cairo-like place in the city, with trees and flowers and wide swathes of green grass. Every time I go, I think what a waste of water it is … and then I remember that I’m not in Jordan, and there’s the Nile right nearby…. We got there just at sunset prayer, when you can hear the call to prayer coming from dozens of mosques on all sides, and we stayed till after the evening prayer call. Rachel made an amazing frittata, Kristine brought baguettes and cheese, Sara whipped up a very spicy Thai cucumber salad, and true to form, Erin brought dessert. It was delicious, and with a live rababa player, a cool breeze and a crimson moon, it was simply gorgeous. We’ll definitely be doing it again, and next time I’ll remember my camera!

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