Aida in Situ!

Giza, Egypt

From Aida @ the Pyramids

It’s the story of an Ethiopian princess, enslaved by the ancient Egyptians, who falls in love with the Pharaoh’s top general, even as he is leading campaigns against her father’s kingdom upriver. What better place to see it than in front of the Sphinx and the Great Pyramids at Giza? It was really spectacular, using as part of the setting the same infrastructure that lights up the pyramids and the sphinx for the Sound and Light Show. Not to mention elaborate, glittering costumes, dramatic sets, ballet, the symphony orchestra and, of course, some impressive singing. I’m no expert; I can’t evaluate the quality of the music or the singing. I can say, however, that I really enjoyed it, and I will definitely be back at the Pyramids Stage for further performances!

From Aida @ the Pyramids


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