Free Lunch!

Aqaba, Jordan

No, I can’t debunk the old truism, “No such thing as a free lunch.” I worked hard for these last three lunches … but in the end I didn’t shell out the cash for them.

Peter and Rebecca came to visit me this weekend, and to have a well-deserved mini 48 hour semi-vacation. I say “semi” because Peter was constantly on the phone with the company, having recently become the director of Bell Amman. He is in the middle of a serious culture change in the company, an opening up of dialogue between departments and with the CEO that I think will eliminate many of the most frustrating aspects of the business culture there that I was beginning to despise. It almost makes me sad to be leaving Bell Amman for this fellowship in Cairo. (In addition to already being very sad about losing my very nice salary, just when I was getting used to having money to save, and even a little money to throw around. So much for lasering away my leg hair…!)

Anyway, Peter was mostly writing a paper for his PhD on his “vacation,” but Rebecca spent most of it on the beach with me, and we had 3 fabulous lunches in the various restaurants of the Intercontinental Hotel. It was so nice to have someone else to spend the weekend with. While I generally enjoy the company of me, myself and I, we do occasionally tire of each other and need to see other people….

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