Ready … Set …

… Just One More Thing Before You Go….

Amman, Jordan

I suppose I’ve been in Jordan long enough that it shouldn’t surprise me. I suppose that I should be used to the last-minute flurry of changes to every program we’ve ever done at Bell Amman. I probably should have even expected it. But I don’t think I will every like it. I’m the daughter of a woman with a color-coded agenda, a woman who always has a plan and a back-up plan. We can fly by the seat of our pants with great success, sometimes even aplomb, but by nature (or by nurture?) we plan.

Of course, I arrived at work today to find that plans had changed again for Aqaba, the project I’m starting on Sunday. The client wanted more hours, different hours. The issue of Internet access was still unresolved (aside from a vague assurance that I could have one hour of access a day at the client’s site). I found myself racing around to collect more materials, more options … and consequently forgetting several of the things that had already been on my list.

I’ll be so glad when this program has been settled and started! I always feel so much better about these kinds of things once I start teaching. Maybe Mom’s right. Maybe I really am meant to be a teacher. It’s certainly where I’ve found the most calm and equilibrium in the last few years!

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